walk 26: london bridge to tower bridge, with cecilia magill

22 Sep

Northside | Start: 16:40 | End: 17:39 | Duration: 59 mins

People walking, while the motion keeps them, while days are long. Stumbling through an interior landscape, not seeing the pavement.

Swarms zigzagging, following a crack, pacing a line, top right to left, if I can just get there…I’ll be there.

The day is violent white: a blank canvas on which iron railings (impaled bodies) and rucksacks (hiding weapons) become sinister.

The buildings have faces, have steel or glass personalities of their own. While those inside are machines, keyboards for fingers.

Let there be journeys and let there be change. You’re thinking of her again, but you’re trying hard not to.

A leisurely walk through this busy part of London, completed at a very slow place, with fine photographer Cecilia Magill.

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