walk 24: millennium bridge to southwark bridge

6 Sep

Northside | Start: 18:36 | End: 19:07| Duration: 31mins

Some of these facts are untrue:

It’s raining.

17 muddy stones lie together on the riverside. They were put there by a group of dedicated river walkers.

Graffiti on a wall reads ‘Sela Sela.’

I’m not alone.

Many prostitutes were here in the 16th Century. They used to wear cream dresses and wave to potential customers across the river in the City.

A couple wears matching yellow anoraks.

The sky is hazy, the clouds cast faint hazy shadows on the ground.

Girls gossip in denim.

All the colours are grey and russet and green.

Echoing announcements come from a tour guide with a megaphone.

Under Southwark Bridge there are scenes from the 19th Century Frost Fairs, which used to take place when the Thames froze over.

There is a long staircase down to the river. They’re Nancy’s steps!

Black dress, cape, tights, shoes and hat on a translucent skinned woman.

Millennium Bridge

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