walk 23: blackfriars bridge to millennium bridge

22 Aug

Northside | Start: 18:20 | End: 19:17 | Duration: 57 mins

This piece was made by walking a specific circular route from Blackfriars Bridge to the Millennium Bridge and then returning to the start.

Here, the walker picked up items as she walked the first half of the route, noting the exact location and time, and then placed them on the ground during the second half in parallel locations and times.

The walk was undertaken around dusk, as the sun began to set, to capture the moment day turned to evening. Following the basic shape of a rectangle – two edges of the river and two bridges – this walk used natural and man-made materials (such as a plastic fork, street signs, flowers and a twig) to subtly adjust the features of the landscape.

Walking became a creative act, became an exercise in marking place, time and distance through objects found and then relocated en route before being presented online, as seen here.

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