walk 20: westminster bridge to hungerford bridge

29 Jul

Southside | Start: 19:40 | End: 21:10 | Duration: 1.30mins

Sirens startle pigeons; river slime below; gold crest on a lamppost; heavy swell against the floating platforms; ticket stubs; light bulb bunting; chanting teenagers; crows marching over the rocks; water flutters; big ben chimes and I see tanned hands and legs; big issue seller; twigs; waffles; canadians; blue ice cream; chocolate sauce on a t-shirt; patterned tights; cheep cheep birds; iPod; fusion food; hot dogs; headscarf; “toes and that”; clouds puff and slide across the sky; dirty drain; buggy; two plastic glasses half-filled with pimms; country hall; someone is reading a stephen king novel; camera poised: ready? and then a small freckled-face shouts “we’re getting on!”

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Afterwards, it’s a single hair falling from my head to the ground; the height and the secrets of the buildings have been revealed; three couples celebrate the exit with a simultaneous kiss-off; the run of light bulbs is shining along the river in low arcs; jumpers and scarves; spanish; she has hair to her waist; lions stare out from the concrete river walls; candy floss; a small round child jumps up and down catching bubbles; jelly cola bottle attaches itself to my shoe; burka; tower blocks shoot into the sky; a merry-go-round blasts colour and organ-sound; the two bridges face each other and lock eyes, mirroring each other’s heavy stance with feet sunk in the river.

More images here.

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