walk 19: lambeth bridge to westminster bridge

19 Jul

Southside | Start: 15:26 | End: 15:40 | Duration: 14mins

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You, with the stripes: what does your camera see? You, aiming at the Houses of Parliament: have you found the precise spot you were looking for? You, arm lifted: is it what you hoped for? Miles travelled to come here, miles walked to be right here. You, checking the detail: did you capture the ornate architecture, the honey-coloured limestone, the awe? You, walking and snapping. You, strap hanging loose. You, reaching high: can your film see what your eyes did? You: focus! You, are you responsible for remembering the moment for your friends? You, tucked behind another: is the moment here or will it be in your memory of the moment? You, aiming for the sky: isn’t there anything on the pavement for you? You: you’re not even looking where you film! You!

Walk 18 on YouTube

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