walk 17: chelsea bridge to vauxhall bridge, with miriam lessar

12 Jul

Northside | Start: 08:25 | End: 08:53 | Duration: 28mins

Collaboration with collage and print artist, Miriam ‘schnibbler’ Lessar. Click to enlarge images.


ONE: This straight-line landscape of roads and pillars and fences breaks --- momentarily --- under Chelsea Bridge when we find an iron wheel spiking towards the Power Station.


TWO: Battersea Power Station dominates the landscape. It stays with us for the duration of the walk; a floating spectre when out of view. By the end, I feel I have seen it from all angles.


THREE: Look down and the river slows us as we watch the pattern of the flow. Look up, there’s a tree thick with leaves, look behind and the road is energised with traffic. Ahead, it’s chimneys and glass-fronted towers.


FOUR: But someone must sleep here, I can see their duvet cover stuffed between two benches.


One Response to “walk 17: chelsea bridge to vauxhall bridge, with miriam lessar”

  1. Em July 23, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    This is lovely

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