walk 12: putney bridge to fulham bridge, with sarah butler

4 Jun

    Southside | Start: 13:11 | End: 13:24 | Duration: 13 mins

We have cleaned the place up –
images are recorded
for your safety

a bottle bounds riverwards
you and I take turns to see

on the mud-slicked, cobbled slope
a shoe – there is always a shoe
upturned, moss green, footless

walking here, we skid
sunshine slides across water

it smells of the sea
in the shadow of these walls
we talk about rubbish – bleached and forgotten

elegant homes line sunlit streets
the river peers between bricks and roses.

To depict this walk, we created a piece of work loosely based on renga; a series of short verses that form a longer poem, composed collaboratively.

The dynamic of the renga is characterised by an awareness of ‘link and shift’. Each verse must have some connection with the preceding one but also depart from it, avoiding repeating a word or an idea. So the renga is carried forward, mirroring the flow of our lives, always changing, never still. (Taken from The practice of writing renga, by Linda France)

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