walk 11: hammersmith bridge to putney bridge, with claire reddleman

28 May

Southside | Start: 11:33 | End: 14:16 | Duration: 2:43

This piece was created collaboratively by Claire and Gemma, using images and text. Both captured this walk – from Hammersmith Bridge to Putney Bridge, via the London Wetlands Centre – in their different mediums which were then matched together and laid out on the page.

Signage, with red. Near here, running dog walkers (multi-tasking). Today, people are quiet and we overhear few conversations. (It causes some uneasiness; we only know it by its absence).

Claire says, ‘This is a good beach’. We follow steps right down to the river; find an avenue of lapping water and slow ripples. In the distance is the dull green, hazily lit Hammersmith Bridge (London’s first suspension bridge, London’s most bombed bridge, London). But the sky is light at the edges.

(Silence). Then, another airplane. This time, a helicopter. We think about how to a person can place their personal history in the landscape. 5th Putney Scouts in a hut, with a high fence and bunting. (Youth comes closer).

More of Claire’s work can be found at www.clairereddleman.com and www.wehappyfew.org.uk.

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