walk 8: kew bridge to chiswick bridge

30 Apr

Southside | Start: 13:07 | End: 13:50 | Duration: 43mins

See how the walker begins with a detailed study of the map. Noting the postcode boundaries, places of interest, dotted line footpaths, she can only set off when the A-Z has been considered in depth. Afterwards, she is ready to Look Up and Walk Purposefully.

The stroller is dressed for a party, walks the muddy path in little shoes and a short dress. On this day, the speed of the river is faster than her footsteps; the wind huffs and throws loose twigs into the water. A cyclist falls off a bike, says it was fun, is unconvincing, keeps moving. Blossom swells in the air, cow parsley nods a dance.

By the railway tunnel, the walker halts. It would seem old fears have risen quickly, hands at her throat momentarily, until they settle and fade. The walk can continue. A distraction: Thames Door Snails are being saved here, have their own reserved patch right here.  A solitary swan swims.

Click on the image above for more photographs from this walk

Click on the image above for more photographs from this walk

2 Responses to “walk 8: kew bridge to chiswick bridge”

  1. Little Colombia Observationist May 9, 2011 at 7:26 pm #

    Hi Gemma,

    What a lovely project. Thanks for sharing with me over at Little London Observationist. Glad the blog could be of some inspiration for your project.

    Coincidently, Look Up At The Sky has the same wordpress theme as my new blog – http://www.littlecolombiaobservationist.com 🙂

    I’m not running my London blog anymore, as you know, but it still brings a few hundred visitors every day so I’ll link this site over there and hopefully it will bring you a few followers!

    Steph x

    • gemma seltzer May 10, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

      Hi Steph,
      Am really glad you liked it – I thank you for your blog which really did help me define what I wanted to do with my own project. Thanks for linking! The new site looks good, I didn’t realise you’d moved to Columbia! Hope it’s sunny there 🙂

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