walk 6: twickenham bridge to richmond lock

9 Apr

Northside | Start: 15:03 | End: 15:20 | Duration: 17mins

The walker anticipates a short stroll, just a straight path and a clear view. In her rucksack, heavy sandwiches are paired with juice cartons and crisps, on her map the lock (five arches of steel footbridge, concrete piers, fierce sheets of water blasting away from Richmond) is represented by a single white, unburdened line stretching simply across the river.

Slow in pace, note how the walker is drawing out this journey by winding between benches, leaning into nooks and slipping behind the trees. A duck settles on a boat; a woman struggles in a floor-length, strapless dress; and a flock of pigeons gush in circles overhead. In the water, there’s a shadow of our heroine.

A bricked wall opposite hides the Pleasure Gardens, while two women sit nearby on a bench and use mobile phones to take portraits of each other. The shutter sound is like a bubble bursting.

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