walk 4: ham house to richmond bridge

2 Apr

Northside | Start: 17:26 | End: 18:08 | Duration: 42 mins

The walker walks and the walker sees, the walker sits and the walker rests. You are the measure of my dreams, says the bench. Says the bench, Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Watch how the walker’s body relaxes, note how the eyes close, how the sun softens the skin and the fading light makes teeth and nails glow. And so the walker is no longer a walker, but a still and quiet river-dreamer. Today, she is twenty-nine and feeling every year of it.

Then the figure strides ahead because there is a time limit for the peace and the pauses. Two moorhens put on a display of black-feathered brilliance as they fight a single duck. The walker spots three swans but then looks closer: it’s just three white plastic buoys bobbing on the river. What else? A dog-walking cyclist, a thick flash of flies and a rusty barge, possibly housing animals two by two.

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