walk 3: teddington lock to ham house foot ferry

27 Mar

Southside | Start: 14:11 | End: 15:28 | Duration: 1:17

Here the river changes colour. The blues and greens become clear water, the exposed shingles disappear. The walker overhears two things: She’s pretty and everything but when she talks, the way she talks is like a sewer and The Thames stops being tidal here, this is the highest point the tides flow.

The stroll today is lonely; no one else is walking alone. Walking a long length of path without knowing where it will end is testing, pressured. It is better to be the person who walks into a room where others are, than the person waiting in a room hoping to be walked in on.

Rubbish at my feet: tissue abandoned, white rosette scrunched, disposable paper, speckles of dirt, around a fist of damp. Partnered by a cigarette butt, by string. The daffodils lean their heads in to listen. By Swan Island, a person can walk alongside the water and test it with their toes. Two girls in shorts use two bicycle bells to make one song.

One Response to “walk 3: teddington lock to ham house foot ferry”

  1. Claire Haslam April 5, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    Wonderful! I’ve never been to Teddington Lock but very interesting to see it from your point of view, in a way – my mental relationship with it is through Bill Fontana’s sound work ‘River Sounding’ which I write about at http://www.intoruins.com. He began his recordings of the Thames at Teddington Lock, taking the tidal limit of the river as a ‘natural’ limit of the work. The Somerset House archive site of the installation has some recordings.
    I will follow your walk with interest…
    Claire x

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