About the Project

Welcome to Look up at the Sky, an interactive web-based project that explored the peace and the pauses in London.

From March to October 2011, Gemma Seltzer walked along the River Thames from the western banks at Hampton Court to the Thames Barrier in the east and wrote about it. She also collaborated with artists, made charts, played with maps and took pictures.

She completed a section of the route once a week, using the bridges as start and end points, and then added a piece of work to the website reflecting her experience of walking in the city.

Click here to read about the walks.

Look up at the Sky also collected Peaceful Places. You can still share your favourite quiet and lovely locations in London here.

The project has come to a close, but you can follow Gemma Seltzer’s other digital writing projects through her website. Please do join the mailing list for regular updates:  http://gemmaseltzer.co.uk/


As seen on the Time Out London blog

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